Delivering excellence.

Below are excerpts from actual emails sent by fellow colleagues to my manager, highlighting exemplary work.


  • "I just wanted to let you know that John Chopan has been helping IR and STEM write some reports for us. He has been amazing and wonderful to work with. John has been able to change the reports he already has written and adapt them to new requests that Chris or I have had. It has been a pleasure working with him."

    - Janine T.
  • "... I am happy to have another opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellence of their efforts to provide customer service to the BCCC community. ... I simply inquired whether a task for my Department could be expedited, thinking I might have access to the report by Friday or Monday. I never expected to have my request satisfied the same day. I very much appreciate the efforts of Rich H. and John Chopan, and anyone else involved, to expedite the creation of a new report that will benefit me and the other academic Deans. Many of us are quick to complain and rarely complement those who make it possible to get our work done more efficiently. Please accept my sincere thanks for Rich's and John's efforts to make working here that much easier."

    - John P.
  • "...You guys are so incredible. 36 minutes from a request for help to solution found. Really! Getting problems solved like this so quickly is such a change. I know some of these jobs must seem like small things to you, but this outstanding customer service orientation has not always been the case here. We notice the change. It makes a huge difference. Thanks so much."

    - John P.
  • "...we would like to thank John C. for all the assistance, especially with reports. Besides being so easy to communicate with, he has helped us many times in lightning speed time! Kudos to ITS for having such a great asset."

    - Dasha M.
  • "WOW!!! It looks amazing. I cannot thank you all enough for rushing this. It will be a huge time saver for all of us."

    - Linda F.
  • "John, as you know, has been working diligently on various reports for Academic Affairs, not the least of which is ACA. From the very beginning it has been evident that he understands our needs and is able to find ways to provide the information we need. He continues to be immediately responsive to questions and adjustments that come up."

    - Catherine M.
  • "Thank you! The report looks great. Most importantly, it will be a real time-saver and boost our productivity."

    - Pam W.
  • "John, thank you so much for your time. I know you guys/gals are charged with a load of projects. You really helped us out here!"

    - Rob G.